Isdemo5.co.uk is here to bring you all the information related to greenhouse gas emissions, which are the primary cause of climate change. But just before that, we have to know where the rain started beating us (what brought about climate change).

The biblical Image result for Adam and Evestory of how Adam and Eve betrayed God’s intention for creation when they were put in the Garden of Eden is a near-perfect metaphor for the origin of the world’s climate change. After eating the forbidden fruit, struggles began, and everything changed in the blink of an eye. In the same way, the world had a “perfect” climate before we (man) started to destroy it in the name of industrialisation, urbanisation, modernisation, and other processes that tend to wreak havoc on the environment. These processes came into being in the name of a good cause, and whether those behind them knew what the negative effects would be, no one knows. But now climate change is here with us, and combating the problem is a struggle that seems like it may never end. Behind this struggle lie the ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Defined

Any atmospheric gas with the ability to absorb infrared radiation is known as a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases increase the atmospheric heat, causing greenhouse effect and global warming.

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In terms of information about GHG emissions and climate change, our website is rich. Some of the information you will come across include the following:

  • GHG adaptation strategies
  • Importance of GHG mitigation
  • Breakdowns of concepts such as mitigation and adaptation with respect to climate change
  • The effect of gambling (casinos) on the climate

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